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...guiding you from mindless munching and emotional eating to peace with food and mindful habits...

Hi! I'm psychologist and MB-EAT Instructor, Dr. Sheila Forman and I want to welcome you to my website. I hope you find the help you are looking for. In particular, check out my books on overcoming emotional overeating and my work with mindful eating. Here are some of the topics I cover. 

“ It was so meaningful to have met you, I respect and admire the dynamic and caring way in which you do your work.”

Andrea Halloran, student, Antioch University Los Angeles, CA


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Dr. Sheila Forman is a psychologist, mindfulness-based eating awareness instructor, author and speaker who has dedicated her life to helping people improve their lives and achieve their goals. Her mission is to end mindless and emotional eating and help people find peace with food. Follow her blog at


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Psychologist Dr Sheila

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