Dr Sheila Forman

Psychologist, MB-EAT Instructor, Author, Speaker

...Individual and Group Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Relationship and Eating Issues...

Dr. Sheila Forman'S Cd Series, Audio Programs, Online Courses And Webinars

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Audio Series - MP 3

7 Steps to End Emotional Overeating  (1 hour)

7 Habits of Healthy Eating (1 hour)

7 Steps to a Full Life  (1hour)

7 Day Emotional Life Transformation (1 hour)

7 Fundamentals For Eliminating Emotional Eating (1 hour)

7 Lessons I’ve Learned About Emotional Eating  (1 hour)

Overcoming Obstacles to Healing From Emotional Overeating  (6 hours)

  • Saboteurs
  • Self-doubts
  • Procrastination
  • Banishing Excuses (Yes, but!)
  • Tolerating Uncertainty
  • Overcoming Fear

Advanced Skills for Managing Your Emotions without Overeating  - ( 4 Hours)

  • Self-fulfilling prophecies (Good/Bad)
  • Motivation (internal/ external)
  • Stages of Change
  • Guided Imagery


Stop Sabotaging Your Diet!

The Non Diet Approach to Ending Emotional Overeating

Manage Your Stress- Manage Your Weight

Online Courses

The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind - 10 Week Program

Do You Use Food to Cope? - 16 Week Program

Self-Fullness - The Art of Loving and Caring For Your  'Self'  - 8 Week Program

Plan B: How To Create a New Life When The Life You Have Isn't The Life You Want - 6 Week Program