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The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind - Eliminate the Eight Emotional Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss is a crash course in overcoming emotional overeating. It offers a straight-forward approach to getting on the road to permanent weight loss. Relying on the idea that there are two kinds of hunger – physical and emotional, you will learn to identify the eight emotional reasons why you eat and be given tools for addressing each of them. Whether you are currently dieting, thinking about starting a diet or not dieting at all, this book can help you eliminate the emotional obstacles to weight loss and get you on your way to the weight you are meant to be.

The book is available on kindle and as a paperback on amazon.

Here Are Some of the  Benefits of the Book Best Diet

  • it's a crash course that is short, easy to read and easy to implement
  • It's filled with ideas, suggestions and techniques you can implement right away
  • It's interactive so it becomes personalized just for you
  • There are case examples which show you how lives improve when you deal with your eating without overeating
  • In the end  you will have your own action plan
  • The chapters stand alone so you can focus on the emotion that you need help with the most
  • The information presented is based on over two decades of research and experience with very little theory
  • It's a real how-to-do-it manual
  • It’s all about you – not me and my story
  • It offers a reason for and a solution to your dieting failures
  • It will help you lose weight and keep it off
  • You will stop regaining lost weight
  • You will learn to eat because you are physically hungry instead of emotionally needy
  • You don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to
  • You don’t have to be on a diet if you don’t want to – you can do this instead of dieting (the non-diet approach)
  • You can finally be at peace with your weight and your body
  • You won’t be at the mercy of your cravings
  • You won’t be at the mercy of your emotions
  • Another benefit is that your whole life will improve because you are handling your emotions in a healthier way. For example:
    • Enhanced relationships; More career satisfaction; Extra time for hobbies and interests; A more fulfilling spiritual practice; Excellent communication skills; and Better time management