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Haven't You Waited Long Enough to Come First?

If your life is about everybody else’s needs and wants and not your own it’s time you became “SELF-FULL.” Defined by psychologist Dr. Sheila Forman, SELF-FULLNESS is the art of taking care of one’s needs, desires, and dreams in a healthy productive and constructive way without guilt and without infringing upon the rights of others; to know one’s own person, preferences, and boundaries. Learning to be self-full is easy and can be the beginning of a whole new life you! Haven’t you waited long enough to come first? Dr. Sheila's book SELF-FULLNESS: The Art of Loving and Caring For Your ‘Self'  (available on amazon) can show you the way.

Here are 5 Steps to Get You Started Putting Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty

1. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. You’d be surprised how many people, women in particular, think it is wrong to take care of their own needs. Think of the oxygen mask on an airplane. If you don’t put yours on first you will be of no use to the passenger sitting next you, right?

2. Identify three needs that if met would make your life so much better. For example, an hour a week to get a manicure/pedicure; some extra babysitting help so you can take a nap; a night off to go out with some friends.

3. Choose one of those needs to meet first.

4. Explain to the people in your life why having that need met is important to you and how doing so will in the end benefit them. Highlight the win-win in the situation. Solicit their help in making it happen. For example, explain to your husband how an hour break every week to get pampered with a manicure will make you feel happier, prettier and more relaxed and how being that way will make you a better mother and wife. Ask him to agree to come home an hour early once a week so you can meet this need.

5. Then meet the need and enjoy all its wonderful benefits!