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...she has the mind of a lawyer and the heart of a therapist ...

Insight. Empowerment. Success.


Dr. Sheila’s Books:

           “I would like to tell you how impressed I was with your writing…I will recommend your books to all my friends…” Mrs. Roslyn Friedman, Tamarac, FL

           “ I worked as a nurse for over 40 years and cared for people all my life but I never learned to take care of myself. I live in Germany and I wish your books would be printed in German so I can tell all my friends to buy one.” Isolde Schneider, Kassel, Germany.

            “Dr. Forman’s book “Self-fullness: The Art of Loving and Caring for Your Self” is a gem…guaranteed to change your life… a gift to the world to be cherished.” Marji Lee Pearson, MA, Hollywood, FL.

             “Self-fullness isn’t just for those who see problems in their life or seek therapy; it offers valuable tools for all of us to find ways to true inner satisfaction,” from a reviewer on www.amazon.com.

           “As a busy working mother of two, I can hardly wait to pout Dr. Forman’s suggestions to work!” Tina M. Morgan. Homemaker, Paralegal, Scottsdale, AR.

“The books are endless with advice for daily living and I appreciate every written word. Thank you, Dr. Forman,” Chaim Burschtin, Natania, Israel 

            “A workbook that draws you in to do the work! Compelling, with a refreshing sense of humor.” LSC, Educator, Philadelphia, PA.

            “Dr. Forman ...makes the transition ... to ‘caring for yourself’ virtually effortless” Cathy E. Rader, Licensed Psychotherapist/Relationship Specialist, Santa Monica, CA.

            “Absolutely great were your comments on Money Matters, The Ostrich Syndrome and Family Natters. Great Advice Thank you.” R. Wallos, Boca Raton, FL.

           “ I love recommending your books to my patients, it is a great support and very helpful to them. I’m glad to know you and appreciate your work.” Avghi Constantinides, D.Hom, HMC, MA, Homeopathy, Brentwood, CA.

         Dr. Sheila's Seminars and Workshops:

            “Coming into this class, I didn’t know what I needed to know. Now I do and it is such a comfort. I’m glad I took the time.” W. Aldredge, LA, CA.

           “I enjoyed the workshop and have learned from it.” S. Temple, LA, CA.


          You are fabulous! Loved your talk – makes so much sense.” Chellie Campbell, www.chellie.com

            “Super Fantastic talk! You are AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE the way you connect the material in a non-threatening way. Very  elatable.”  Yvonne Larson, ohcharmony

             “Very good, insightful” Theresa Carroll, photographer, LA, CA

             “Very informative! A different perspective on eating and our relationship with food and using food as a coping mechanism.” Darlene Basch, www.tranformationtherapy.com

            “Enjoyed it greatly. Reinforced my current eating plan and recent weight loss.” Shelly Mandell, mediator and divorce attorney, LA, CA

             “Good speaker. Excellent information and handouts!” Sandra Rodriguez, www.repurposeyourlife.com

             “Direct. Simply attainable.” Lonnie G, .LA, CA

             “Excellent – the handouts are good- better than most!” Diana Drake, singer www.DianaDrake.com

         Dr. Sheila's Work:

             “ It was so meaningful to have met you, I respect and admire the dynamic and caring way in which you do your work.” Andrea Halloran, student, Antioch University Los Angeles, CA.