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                             Telehealth Services
“Telehealth” is defined as the use of electronic transmission to provide interactive real-time mental health services remotely, including consultation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, guidance, education, and transfer of medical information with an experienced psychotherapist.  This can include both video and audio forms of communication, via the internet or telephone.  Telehealth services do not include texting or e-mail.

Office Agreements
Telehealth is governed by all the same ethics and laws that cover in-office, in-person, face-to-face psychological service.  So, all other policies and consents in Dr. Sheila’s office agreement forms apply to telehealth services. 

Advantages & Disadvantages
The advantage of telehealth is that it can flexibly provide continuity of care when an in-person treatment session cannot be conducted in the office.  Similar to a regular in-person therapy session, telehealth allows for both verbal and non-verbal communication. Telehealth is not a universal substitute, nor the same as, in-person psychological service.  Some people say that telehealth services do not have the same level of comfort and may not seem as complete when talking about personal and private matters.  Misunderstandings can more easily occur.  This may impact the professional therapeutic relationship.  Like in-person psychotherapy, telehealth services are never guaranteed.

California Residents Only
Professional services are being provided under a license issued by and limited to practice within the state of California.  Therefore, you affirm you reside in the state of California at the time of telehealth services.

Telehealth services are only provided when it is unlikely that a mental health emergency could arise during the session. 


Just like an in-person appointment, telehealth sessions are scheduled in advance by prior arrangement. Cancellations and no-show appointments are treated just like in-person cancellations and no-show appointments. Dr. Sheila is not responsible for your ability to participate in the session, including technological limitations.

You and Dr. Sheila both agree to keep the same privacy safeguards as during an in-person session. The environment should be free from unexpected or unauthorized intrusions or disruptions to our communication. You and Dr. Sheila both agree to not record the telehealth sessions without prior written consent of both parties.

No electronic transmission system is considered completely safe from intrusion.  Interception of communication by third parties remains technically possible. Due to the complexities of electronic media and the internet, risks of telehealth include the potential for release of private information, including audio and images.  So, Dr. Sheila cannot fully guarantee the security of telehealth sessions.  You are responsible for information security on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

                  If you would to explore using telehealth services, please contact Dr. Sheila (310-828-8004)