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                  Common Questions and Answers about Group Psychotherapy

What is Group Therapy?
Group Therapy is participating in psychotherapy in a communal setting with other like-minded people who are interested in improving their well-being. A group usually consists of 6 to10 members who meet weekly to provide and receive support and feedback to help each other deal with their problems and resolve their issues. Group therapy is conducted by a specially trained psychologist who facilities discussion and support. Dr. Sheila is such a psychologist. She is a Certified Group Psychotherapist with over 25 years experience running groups.

How Does Group work?
Like individual therapy, group therapy works by providing a positive trusting setting for overcoming your problems. In addition, group facilitates growth because by engaging in, supporting and observing the therapy work done by other groups participants, a member has the opportunity to gain insight and resolve his/her own issues in a way that does not exist in an individual therapy session.

What Can a Group Member Expect?
Group psychotherapy members report improved interpersonal relationships, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved intimacy skills and enhanced coping skills.         

How to Join a Group:
Interviews are required for group membership. Dr. Sheila's groups are limited to ten members. New groups forming now. If interested, please call Dr. Sheila at 310-828-8004 to schedule a free consultation.


                                            Dr. Sheila's Current Groups

Co-Ed Personal Growth Groups: Are you always attracted to the wrong people? Do your relationships fail? Are you underachieving at work or at play? Understand the choices you make. Learn how to make better ones. These groups will help you improve your relationships and gain the skills necessary to address your personal and professional issues.

Women’s Empowerment Groups: Have you unleashed all your potential? Are you as good as you can be? Join one of these groups and improve your self-image as you build confidence and gain emotional strength and well-being.

For more information about Dr. Sheila's  groups, check out her profile on Psychology Today.


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